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It starts in 2001, when, for the first time, my daughter saw the real British cat Apollo - 10kg-handsome boy with the glaring orange eyes and light-blue plush hair...

Soon, we, who had never before had a cat at home, gained a present - Julietta St.Xavier, Apollo's daughter - a female of amazingly lilac colour with English Lady manners: restrained in emotions, tactful, true landlady.

It was so excited, that I became a member of a Cat's Club, subscribed for all the magazines about cats and buried in the Felinology.

On the 8th of September, 2002 the cattery CLASSIC HABITUS, was registered in WACC (World Association of Cat Clubs), what translated from Latin as "classic look".
Starting from 25th of September, 2010 cattery is registered in FARUS (Felinologic Assosiation "RUS").

Julietta was the first British cat in Kaluga, so we had to send her to Moscow for breedings.
15 years have passed and now there are over 150 British males and females in Kaluga - grandsons our Julie.

Lilac british cat Bazil Classic Habitus participated in 9 exhibitions, 7 times he was nominated for BIS, in almost all assessment lists one can read very well-balanced male with the wonderful plush hair and very good exhibition character . Kaluga newspapers also wrote about Basil, he is easly recognized at the exhibitions. His children, inheriting his appearance and genuine British character, bring a lot of joy to their owners.

In 2009 we brought a blue-cream british female Romina Cream of Blue from BKH vom Baerental, which has a breeding business of cream colour for 13 years already. There are great representatives of the cream british cats from different catteries of Germany, Netherland and Belgium in Romina's pedigree.

Still admiring of lilac we are also dreaming to breed the cream British...

Люда с Ионелой Виталий с Изабелой
Люда с Кармелитой Люда с Жонквилем
thank from KFC Kaluga-Best diploma from KKAC Felina
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